Saturday, 20 August 2016

A cloak and a box for the hungers
the degree
and the shadow

of the disallowed
as means by which to define the body.

There is no single hunger

other than life. Or there is but a single hunger called life, endlessly nuanced

unto the raging obesity of the civil.

Original stuff, not yet differentiated stuff, this shapeless clay of being: Being in need. The mud born of deep sea vents, super-heated chemosynthesis, the discharge washed ashore as a tidal friction of the possible.

The body as medium by which to format the great hidden greeds. A clay mesh of combed and re-combed base information. 

This ongoing savour can be read and re-read

forming different aspects and different bodies 

and difference is the inheritable means of re-reading inheritance. 

We both take in and express the nuance, we twist and touch the marks, live in hunger, live in the manner of our reading.

Abreaction brings expression of the hidden to consciousness. A ragged shoreline of living and re-living; waves of relief and leaving, a saggy pool of thought in its own purgation. 

Walk along this beach. If the line is continued for long enough, then the expression may be integrated. Integrated lines are woven into bridges. 

Some lines dissolve. We hide our trail beneath splash marks, we float out to sea on an inflatable.These dissolved lines make for a monstrous immediacy; these are the sea-devils. The sickness of panic. 

These forms, not welcomed, refuse to form, and the unformed must be urgently repulsed. They are pushed back beneath the cloak. 

The sea is a cloak. 
The cloak must stored in a box. 
The box is built of shadows, sunk in the sea, buried in the earth. 
We wear the earth as our body.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

The gesture solidified
makes type.

The figure of type, reduced to mark,
is an alphabet.

An alphabet, trailed through
is a mouthed gesture 

tracking the dissolving

as it returns to gesture.

Monday, 8 August 2016

We have but one memory
everyday this is stored or retrieved, stoned or recalled.

We have but one memory ever, recall of our long and single being.
This solitary complex recall, wholly present in-all-in-all and yet

the forgetting is beguiling.

If there is a solitary memory, complete and available, distributed over all the remembering connections; so there is a single opportunity to forget. The pressing need of the day-to-day-to-day seems to be one of disconnect.

We have but one memory and in our multiplicity chase it down so we many turn off connection after connection after connection.

yet every storing and every storage and every rupture and each dangling line

every memory made to narrative
plunges on for the wise.

The one memory is ancient and not ours. Sometimes we resent this, and our scissors and switches are pushed toward fury and fragment. This is to say; this little mess will be ours, and not that.

And yet the calculation
of a single memory
need not be so

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Doing as he is told
in this country 

we expect commerce and industry, local and national government
to take account of the differing needs 
and tastes 
and opinions of the people.

We expect
those who influence the lives of 64.1 million citizens to base their work

on facts

to find out
what people really think and feel and prefer

to help people
in management
make decisions

never appear to be bored by anything a respondent says
nothing is more likely to irritate a respondent than the suspicion that

you are uninterested in their opinions.

Obtaining a full answer
to an apparently straightforward question
is not always the simple matter it may seem.

Respondents tend to answer questions
indirectly or go off
at a tangent

give answers so vague that they hardly qualify 
as answers
or be so hesitant about expressing a definite 
opinion that
they will say don't know  rather than say what they really think.

They may also say don't know out of apathy
or laziness
use vague ambiguous 
like nice or  good
or say
                          I like it
and give no reason
as to why they like it.

In all these cases make another attempt to get a fuller answer.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Sunday, 10 July 2016

there is much paperwork to be completed; another dream concerning the alphabet
All the tokens are to be slotted into an extensive filing system and it appears that to manipulate the letter is to manipulate the reality.

Every meaningful unit of narrative must be collected. There is a movement in and out of walls, travelling up and down the building, always gathering up a new community of people.

We are smothered in sticky propriety.

We are persons requiring rescuing and yet we are the only people able to enact such a rescue.

Every move is a meditation upon a letter. Letters, movements, and meditations; these are all as one.

we are are waiting to be rendered and made present, wondering if it is correct to sometimes trust the punctuation of others.

You lay the line, they make the sense of this.
There is great anguish at the injustice of this.

Our invigilator says there is a must in the sense of another.
The line has implemented blind actions.
They do not see us as we are. 
We do not see us are we are.
Waiting for the bell to ring, everyone has shut their eyes.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

there is much paperwork to be completed. 
All the tokens are to be slotted into an extensive filing system. 
Every meaningful unit of narrative must be collected.
We are smothered in sweet, sticky cereal as we achieve this suffocating propriety.

we are are waiting to be rendered and made present.
There is great anguish at the injustice of this.
Our invigilator has implemented these acts of blindness,
they do not see us as we are
and we shut our eyes, wanting the blank 
discharge of the interior